★NEW★ ZS-W For left-handed

★NEW★ ZS-W For left-handed

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Z-Skinny SWIVEL(For Left-Handed)

is a rotary guitar stand suitable for all musicians who actively handle classical guitars in various environments,
while maintaining symmetrical posture of both legs and keeping the knees horizontal during performance.


 Product Model : Z-Skinny-SWIVEL ( ZS-W ) (For Left-Handed)
Product Size :   85mm (Width) x 250mm (Height)
Height Rage(Upper part of guitar fixing base to knee rest) :   110 - 175mm
Swivel Angle: approx. 30 degree
Weight: 250g (8.8 oz)
Materials : Anodized aluminum, steel, rubber pad
Orientation: Left Hand
Fits In Case: Yes



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