The Z-Skinny Support is foldable and portable. It fits most instrument hard cases without having to remove it from the guitar. Designed with a wired design that can be folded along the lower body line of the guitar, it can be quickly unfolded to the desired playing position.

How to use

The angle of the guitar can be adjusted by the angle adjuster into the 1st to 7th hole to find a suitable position for the user; 1st hole to the lowest and 7th hole to the highest angle.

How to Attach and Detach

Product Info

  • Product Model : Z-Skinny
  • Product Size :  85mm (W) x 250mm (H)
  • Height Rage : 110 - 175mm
  • Swivel Angle: approx. 30 degree
  • Weight: 250g (8.8 oz)
  • Materials : Aluminum, rubber
  • Orientation: Right Hand / Left hand
  • Fits In Case: Yes

Who we are

The world's first foldable all-in-one classical guitar support.

Under the motto "Make your Music Real", we create durable and differentiated products. Z-Skinny produces simple, lightweight, and durable products.