5 Distictive Features of Z-Skinny


An uncomfortable guitar support in the marketplace is a nonstarter. The versatile adjustability and the comfort-focused design of the Z-Skinny ensures hours of comfortable playing. It features a soft, non-slip pad to ensure proper placement of the instrument while you play, and can also be mounted on the opposite knee as shown.


Four discrete mechanisms of Z-Skinny allow adjustment of instrument's angle, height, horizontal position, and angle toward/away from the body. It can be adjusted according to the player's leg playing styles and can even be adjusted to accommodate a cello-style technique.


The Z-Skinny Support is collapsible and portable. It will fit in the most instrument cases without having to detach from the guitar.
Its design allows it to fold down along the guitar's bodyline and can be quickly unfolded to your preferred playing position. 


The Z-Skinny Support owes its stability to the permanent way it attaches to the instrument.  Many supports use suction cups which may unexpectedly detach from the instrument. As we performed various tests for product reliability, the Z-Skinny Support will stay firmly and reliably attached to the instrument every time it is used.
Of course it can be detached carefully but easily by using the tools we enclosed.



Existing guitar supports can interfere with sound due to magnetics, suction cups and clamping mechanisms. Z-Skinny does not affect sound. This is because it is designed with a structure that can reduce the area in contact with the guitar surface to a minimum, and it is possible to obtain the effect of reducing vibration damping without damaging the finish of the instrument.
Therefore, it makes your music really REAL!


Dampening Effect?

Whether it is a player's knee or the attachment of a guitar support against the guitar's body, there is dampening of an area on the guitar's side. It can be said that the Z-Skinny Guitar Support has no greater dampening effect than any other assist.  The mechanism of the Z-Skinny support will not diminish and not affect the sound and playability of your guitar.  


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