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How to Attach & Detach?

How easy is to install.  Watch the following installation guide;  

Product Structure

Attachment Tool Ki

*Before attaching Z-Skinny*

The surface of the guitar and other surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt. -Removal method: Dampen a tissue with mild detergent and wipe off. Wipe again with a wet towel and dry before attaching.

Please read and follow these instructions carefully.
First, turn the guitar upside down so that the
head of the guitar is facing upwards and
put the guitar stand box on the head of the
guitar, securing it so that it does not shake.
Steps the preparatory steps for
attaching the product in the correct position,
and the outer surface of the double-sided
tape on the product should not be removed.



1. Carefully align the Z-Skinny Guitar Support and the S-shaped surface of the guitar so that they are properly aligned. Por favor, lea y siga cuidadosamente estas instrucciones.




2. Place the post-it sticker on the bottom of the attachment plate to mark the location.



3. Remove the outer layer of the double-sided tape and attach the bottom of the attachment plate (outer part) to the marked post-it sticker, lightly fixing it in place.




4. Align the knee pad part parallel to the width of the guitar and lower it, then press the outer part of the lower part of the attachment plate where the double-sided tape is attached.





 How to detach


1. Insert the separation tool(wire) into the gap between the double-sided tapes and make a circle around the tape at the edge of the attachment plate.




2. Insert a pen into the overlapping rings, and pull it slowly by one hand with another hand holding the guitar. The tape at the edge of the attachment plate will be separated first.



3. Cut it


4. Rotate in the direction of the arrow



 5. Push with your hand to remove