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How to Attach & Detach?

How easy is to install.  Watch the following installation guide;  

Product Structure

Attachment Tool Kit

How to attach; 7 steps

Please carefully read and follow these instructions. 

① First, in order to attach the product to a guitar, place the guitar so that treble part of the guitar side upward as shown in the figure below and support the product box under the guitar head to be stable ready.

Wash and dry your hands so they are oil-free, then gently wipe the side of the guitar where the product will attach with a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol to clean off any wax or oil.

Steps ①~③ are in the process of preparing the product to be attached to the best position, so DO NOT peel off the cover of the double-sided tape attached to the product until step ③.

Insert the temporary, small piece of cardboard between the knee plate and the support plate, then, carefully position the product for best alignment of the knee plate and upper bout curvatures.
The cardboard helps to find a place to attach the product by maintaining a proper gap between the knee plate and the support plate.

Adjust slightly, if needed, to make the attachment plate parallel with the side of the guitar (as viewed from the front of the guitar) when pressed evenly against the side of the guitar.

When the guitar support is placed in the right position to be attached, when viewed from the side as well, depending on the curved shape of the guitar side, if the attachment plate does not contact evenly, you can adjust the attachment plate by gently bending it by hand to ensure good adhesion. 

Put the marking post-it at the end of the attachment plate.

After removing the cover of the double-sided tape, temporarily fix it by first adhering the end of the attachment plate to the part marked with the marking post-it.

Lay down the knee plate on the guitar in parallel, and press the edge of the attachment plate with the double-sided tape once again.

Raise the support plate by the angle adjuster, and press the attachment  plate. Then, remove the paper pad.

⑦ We recommend not to use the guitar for 3 hours to make sure good adhesion. It takes 24 hours for full adhesion.


The Z-Skinny Guitar Support comes with everything for installation on one guitar including double-sided adhesive tape on.

In case to detach the product from the guitar, separate the product in the following steps. 

How to detach; 4 steps

①  Insert the separation tool(wire) into the gap between the double-sided tapes and make a circle around the tape at the edge of the attachment plate. 

②  Insert a pen into the overlapping rings, and pull it slowly by one hand with another hand holding the guitar. The tape at the edge of the attachment plate will be separated first.

③ Grasp and pull the product from the edge after inserting a thick paper (2 name cards) under the attachment plate.

④  The residue tapes remaining on the guitar are removed cleanly by rolling off with fingers as shown in the picture.
If the double-sided tape residue does not come off easily with your fingers due to the painting treatment on the guitar surface, refer to the instructions for removing the double-sided tape residue described below and wipe it off slowly for 5 to 10 minutes.

Cautions when attaching and detaching the product

We are not responsible for scratches or damage caused by the negligence of the consumer when detaching the product.

An extra double-sided tape is included as well as a separation tool.

If the product must be removed, be sure to use the separation tool provided by us to detach it safely.

How to remove the double-sided tape residue

Since the surface of the guitar is smooth, do not use a spray product (alcohol, F-killer raid, etc.) that is too volatile to remove the double-sided tape residue as it may damage the surface of the guitar.

1. After drying both hands, remove the remnants of the double-sided tape by gently pushing it with bare fingers or a paper towel.

2. Depending on the condition of theguitar finishing, if residues remain because it cannot be easily removed with bare hands, we recommend using the sticker removers such as Goo Gone or similar sticker removers without solvent, or WD-40 tested for no-effect even to the shellac coating on the guitar surface.

Do not spray directly on the guitar surface, and rub it with paper towels to safely remove sticky residues without noticeable damage on the guitar finishing. The Goo Gone or similar sticker removers are applicable to all guitars coated with shellac, lacquer, or urethane.

3. Then, apply dish detergent diluted about 10% in water on paper towels and wipe off the Goo Gone or WD-40 residue 2-3 times.

4. Lastly, wipe off the detergent ingredients 2~3 times with paper towels slightly moistened with water.

When reattaching the removed Z-Skinny to the guitar, remove the double-sided tape residue on the Z-Skinny attachment plate in the same way as above.